1D God Only Knows

RUSH TRANSCRIPT (apologies for any errors)

Brez: And the thing with Niall is, like, I grew up, like Niall’s from Mullingar. I know his family. So, I think, it was great to see him. The biggest achievement I think he’s had to date was to keep a level head in the absolute insanity that he’s involved in and he has. And you know, you went to his party on Saturday. And everybody saids like “who was there? who was there?” It was actually the majority of his family and friends. There were a couple of footballers there who I have absolutely no interest in. And, but that was it. That’s the kind of guy he is. That’s what he buys in to. 

He’s an incredible… and I think himself and Eoghan get along very well which is great cause, you know, I think, I think it’s important that Niall keeps that levelheadedness because, at the end of the day, you know, in a couple years time, he can still stand by everything he did and achieved. What’s great with the lads, Eoghan, Laura, and all those guys: they’re all top class people who actually—you know, very sincere people. I think that’s what he needs around him. He doesn’t need leeches. He doesn’t need people pulling and dragging him. And we never. We couldn’t care less really who he is. Which he loves. And that’s important.

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I’m uploading it to YouTube too but this is liam covering the way you make me feel by Michael Jackson AKA THE BEST THING HE HAS EVER DONE AND I HAVE EVER WITNESSED GOD BLESS